• Sorry, I Didn’t Know is Baaack!

    Sorry I Didn’t Know Season 3

    Good things come in threes! We’re back with a third season of Sorry I Didn’t Know! on your screens every Sunday in October, on ITV.

    What a joy it was to be back in the studio with familiar faces and new ones. Jimmy Akingbola returns as host, while Chizzy Akudulu and Eddie Kadi take to the captains’ chairs with a whole heap of comedic chemistry! Join them and our fantastic guests as we uncover more hidden Black history. You’ll be surprised it’s true and then unsurprised you were never told it!

    Starting Sunday 2 October @ 10.20pm on ITV, and running throughout Black History Month. #BHM

    Introducing our new team leader, Eddie Kadi!

    You can still catch season 1 & 2 on the ITVHub here: https://www.itv.com/hub/sorry-i-didnt-know/2a4797

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